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Our Ales

FnA/IPA   India Pale Ale        6.2 ABV                                  116 IBU

FnA IPA is our flagship ale. It is a bold, highly hopped India Pale Ale. The grain bill of light caramel crystal, carapils, and Munich malts creates the foundation of a crisp and clean ale. The hop profile is aggressive and complex, using Chinook, Centennial and Amarillo hop varieties which are infused in multiple stages over the course of the boil. Our hopping process creates an assertive “hop head” IPA with a slight citrus undertone and aroma. FnA IPA is dry-hopped in secondary fermentation. 

“FnA, this is great IPA”, will roll off your lips after the first sip!

PA 7  Pale Ale                                 7.0 ABV                                 63.8 IBU

PA 7 Pale Ale is named after our hometown of Port Angeles and the 7 represents the alcohol content. PA 7 is a strong, yet balanced, American Pale Ale with a soft, velvety mouth, and spicy undertones. PA 7 has a unique malt bill which includes Caramel-Crystal, and Belgian Malts, but don’t get misled by the word Belgian: this is one very aggressive strong American Pale Ale. The Hop profile of PA 7 includes Centennial, Cascade and Nugget hops. PA 7 is dry hopped in secondary fermentation. 

Redneck Logger                            5.4 ABV                                 26 IBU

Redneck Logger is an easy drinking West Coast Style Pale Ale. The malt bill consists of 2 row pale, carapils and light crystal malt. We use a two hop profile of Centennial and Cascade to create a light, fresh, slightly herbal ale. This beer is for our brewery neighbors, a group of hard working men who haul logs for the timber industry.

“Catcher” Rye Ale                       8.4 ABV                                 41 IBU

“Catcher” Rye Ale is a truly unique American Pale Ale. It is brewed in the tradition of adventurous Northwest Microbrewers. We use a malt bill that includes Caramel/Crystal and Munich Malts which are fortified with a heavy dose of rye. The hop profile is subtle, using traditional Northwest hops including Nugget, Centennial, and Cascade. This is a truly unique hand crafted Ale.  

Predecessor ESB                    5.5 ABV                                  58 IBU

Predecessor ESB is a traditional English style “Extra Special Bitter”. Predecessor ESB has a malty base leaning heavily on Caramel-Crystal Malts and a crisp hop profile of Willamette and Tettnanger hops. Predecessor goes through two stage fermentation, where the malt and hops blend into a smooth easy English Pub style Pale Ale.

Predecessor ESB, named after that first spouse who is still “Extra Special Bitter”.

Judge Porter                         6.1 ABV                                  58 IBU

Our Porter is a robust Porter brewed in the English Porter tradition. It has a malt bill that includes chocolate, honey and black malt. We use a three hop profile of Nugget, Willamette and Tettnanger hops to create a very balanced aromatic Porter. Judge for yourself!

Seasonal Ales

“Bud the Wiser” IPA – Limited Production – April Fools Day 2010 Release 9.4 ABV     138 IBU

“Bud the Wiser” is one big bad hopped-up India Pale Ale brewed in aggressive Northwest brewing tradition. It is a strong bitter northwest brawler, not some finesse euro-brew! The malt bill is a bold blend of grain totaling 115 pounds per barrel and brings the alcohol content in at 9.4%. We use 4 pounds of hops per barrel, Chinook, Amarillo and Centennial, infused 8 times over the course of the boil for an IBU of 138. This is one badass brew.


Bourbon-Infused Porter                   6.8 ABV                                  58 IBU

Our Bourbon-Infused Porter is our Judge Porter recipe, infused with bourbon at the end fermentation. We extend the aging for an additional month, then keg or bottle condition for a truly unique blend of flavors. The bourbon we use is “top shelf” Kentucky bourbon.

Summer Brown                                             6.1 ABV                                 58 IBU

Our Summer Brown is a light British style Brown Ale. It is brewed using a similar malt bill to our Porter, including chocolate, honey and black malt in a but to a lesser quantity. We use the same three hop profile of Nugget, Willamette and Tettnanger hops. Our Summer Porter is a light, crisp British style brown ale.

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